Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Arrrrg - those darn plumbers!

So - we promised to keep everyone updated on the kitchen progress. And some of you may be wonder "what in the world is going on? I thought they were going to keep us updated? And only one post? From 4 days ago? What's up???"

Well - here's what's up..


The plumber has experienced some "delays" in his schedule. And currently, nothing else can be done until he decides to move some of my pipes around. I guess the silver lining is - my contractor is just as mad as we are - maybe even more. After all - he isn't getting paid while all of this "waiting" is going on.

So - the plumber is now scheduled to come out tomorrow afternoon and won't leave until the job is finished. We aren't holding our breath (we've heard this a time or two over the last four days), but he claims that this time is different and that he will stay until the job is finished.

Now I'm sure that many of you are saying that we should put a little pressure on the GC to find another plumber. But all in all - it's not really the plumbers fault. He was supposed to be at my house bright and early yesterday morning. Unfortunately (for us), we have had unusually cold weather (15 degrees is WAY TO COLD for March) in Knoxville and he had some customers with frozen pipes that busted. And I have to say that a pipe spraying water probably needs to be fixed before my pipes get moved. My GC even called his wife last night at 8:00 and he wasn't home yet.

And guess what happened last night? It was warmer! But only by a degree - and 16 degrees is still WAY TO COLD for March! This time - the pipe busted in one of the Blount County buildings. Again, the pipe that is spraying water probably needs to be fixed before my pipes get moved.

So - keep your fingers crossed! He'll hopefully be out tomorrow afternoon. And it's going to be a little warmer tonight - but the low is still going 20 degrees! At least after tonight he won't have the frozen pipe excuse - it's supposed to be up to 70 by this weekend!

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