Thursday, March 12, 2009

Down with the tile...

The tile is down!

The installation was interesting. Some of you may know that tile requires a special "backing" to keep it in place. It is usually some variant of a concrete board that comes in *heavy* 3 foot by 5 foot sheets.

But when we were looking at the tile store, Marni (our tile designer) told us about "Ditra Mat". It's an "engineered substrate" (I love whipping out the big words first thing in the morning!) that bonds to the subfloor while providing a stable surface for the tile. All of that sounds cool - but the coolest part is...'s UT orange! For a short while, the kitchen floor was "all Vol"! And I've got the pics to prove it!!!

Danny and Dennis put down the Ditra

The "all Vol" kitchen floor!

After the Ditra Mat came the tile. It was a fairly major undertaking. Little did I know! The people we bought the tile from said it was "really good". Apparently so!

First - it is beautiful Italian porcelain in big 20 inch squares. Sounds great doesn't it!

Until you put it on a wet saw. Turns out, it was hard enough that it all had to be cut with a hand saw. That certainly added a little extra time to the installation.

But its all down now - and it looks great!

Good bye orange floor - you'll always be
close to our heart (or our feet)

The finished tile - waiting on the grout.

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