Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ready... Set... The Cabinets!

All of the cabinets are officially set! The wall cabinets went up first - and not without some difficulty. Apparently, our ceiling sags an inch right in the middle of the wall. It normally wouldn't be a big deal - except that we have crown molding at the top of the cabinets that goes all the way to the ceiling. That meant that without some "creative engineering", there would be large gaps at both ends of the crown.

Fortunately, our contractor has hung one or two cabinets in his lifetime. I kept mumbling a bunch of things: "...hummina mumbly 33 and five eighths. But that leaves a hummina mumbly mumbly something-or-other 42 and a half..." I guess in the end he got it all figured out because the cabinets are hung level, and there shouldn't be any gab bigger than an eighth of an inch (and that's just due to the texture of the ceiling!)

It took all day long. But once they started going, it went pretty fast. Now they are all set with the exception of the range hood (it'll be a couple of days for that) and the end cabinet that comes down to the countertop (we have to wait for the countertop to come in first!)

So that leaves plenty of trim and finish work. All of the crown still needs to be hung. The new heater vent needs to be connected. The floor needs to be grouted. The extended wall still needs some drywall work. Not to mention the foyer (we are putting tile down there too) and the mantle over the fireplace (we ordered extra crown and trim pieces so it would match the wood in the kitchen). Once the countertop is in - it'll be time for the tile backsplash.

All in all - it's going well! Here are some pictures of the cabinets...

The "hole" for the fridge and microwave

The "hole" for the stove and hood

The glass doors over the sink and the "missing" cabinet

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