Friday, March 27, 2009

More progress...

There is more to report on the kitchen! The hood has finally been hung - and now that the counter top has been installed, the final cabinet has been set. Also - the wall tile has started! Here's the scoop...

The hood and vent went up first. It was quite an interesting process. First the hood - it's really just a wooden shroud that covers the vent. It has to go up first because the vent attaches to the shroud. So, after some careful measurements, the hood was hung. That's when things started to get interesting. The vent is a huge stainless steel insert that completely fills the bottom of the hood. And it has to connect with the pipe coming out the top. You can imagine trying to hold this vent (it's not exactly lite) and awkwardly fit it under the hood and then try to attach the mounting screws. Just that part was bad enough. But you had to do all of that while trying to get the exhaust pipe to fit in! And did I mention that you can't reach the pipe from the top? And from the bottom, you can see it, but you can't adjust it! It was quite an adventure. An important lesson learned - sometimes it's worth paying somebody to do the job - just for the entertainment value!

Pre hood and vent

Post hood and vent. Isn't it nice?

The last cabinet was set as well. The picture isn't very good - they hadn't reattached the door yet - but that's all done now. It's really starting to look like a kitchen again! This last cabinet had me a little nervous. Since it sits on the counter top, the back of the cabinet had to be notched to fit the profile of the counter top back splash. It's one of those "you have to get this right the first time" scenarios. But our contractor did an excellent job - it looks like the cabinet came that way from the factory! An important lesson learned - sometimes it's worth paying somebody to do the job - just because they know what they are doing!

The last cabinet (sans door)

Lastly, the tile was started yesterday. I've learned that this is called a "subway" pattern. I have to say - I'm impressed with the way it's turning out. All of the designers who volunteered their time (because we "might" buy something) they've done a wonderful job helping us. The hard part of the tiling is yet to come (the harlequin pattern around the hood) - but I've included some pics of what we have so far. An important lesson learned - sometimes it's better to trust the trained professionals!

The "subway" tile pattern matches the floor and counter top nicely!


Quad Squad! said...

Yea! It all looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person one of these days when it's all completed!

Anonymous said...

super nice!