Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The water fountain

Well - it was bound to happen! The first "unplanned" event that stops work on the kitchen.

And just to be clear - it was certainly no fault of the contractor. Here's the story...

Yesterday was "grout" day. Certainly not a monumental event! But it does require water. And they had been using the spigot at the front of the house.

Now, this spigot is 21 years old. It was going to fail sooner or later (emphasis on "sooner")! And yesterday was the day. The rubber gasket that seals the valve shut crumbled apart and flew out of the faucet. That means that you can't shut the faucet off anymore. A real bummer.

And here is another neat tidbit about this house - the spigot at the front of the house comes BEFORE the shutoff. That means when I shut off the water to the house, it still ran.

So - it's out to the front yard to the water meter. Boy, there sure is a lot of space to maneuver around in there! And that shutoff spins SO easily. NOT!

So I shut the water off, ran to Lowe's, bought a new spigot, crawled under the house, cut the old one out, and installed the new one. It only required 4 or 5 trips under the house - but it was certainly not the way I wanted to spend the evening - especially with the WONDERFUL weather we're having. Sunny and 70's!!! At least it was 70 under the house too - but not nearly as sunny...

But it's all done now! Hopefully it'll be good for another 20 years!

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