Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The counter is in!

The countertop has been installed! And it sure does look nice!

But let me start by saying how cool it was to watch it. It came in three fairly big sections with mostly finished edges (but some of the edges still unfinished). The sink had already been "molded" into place, but there were no holes for the faucet - and no slot for the range to slide in to! I was a little worried - but the guys doing the installation told me not to worry (it was something like - don't worry little boy, we are trained professionals...)

And then it was my turn to play a little back on them. They walked into the garage where the old "dog leg" part of the countertop is still propped up against the wall. They said "wow - that's not the same shape" which caused me to quickly answer "What? Are you sure??? What are we going to do??? Just kidding!!! We changed the layout" In other words - I said "don't worry little boy - I'm a trained professional too"!!!!!

The installation was very methodical and precise. The holes for the sink were drilled on the spot. The slot for the range was cut out in the driveway. The seams were sealed and the front edge was routed. It was all very cool to watch. There is apparently nothing you can't do with this stuff. Routers, drills, belt sanders, super duper epoxy, vacuum pumps, it was all cool. And absolutely amazing that the seams literally disappear and it becomes one huge countertop. But rather than type it all out here (it would be a short novel) ask us about it the next time you see us!

And as promised - we have more pictures!

The first piece of countertop goes in.

The seam between the first piece and second piece.
Notice that the routing isn't complete yet on the edge!

Here is the glue holding it together.
Those are vacuum clamps holding the two pieces level and
squeezing them together.

Take the clamps off a do a little sanding. Will
that dull area really buff out? And what about that
front edge? It's still not finished!

Look ma! No seam! And the edge is completely finished!

Here's a close up of the seam. Can you find it?

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Anonymous said...

dude! that is wild. I can't beleive the seem is just gone. Were those pump thingys hot?