Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A baby is born!

The day has arrived. It's been 9 long months (not nearly as long for us as it has been for Tracey

But today was the day. The phone call came. "You are the proud Aunt and Uncle of a new baby girl!"

Of course, we already knew it was a girl. Her name is Kylie! And she is a petite 5 pounds 12 ounces born this morning. She woke her mom up around 2:00 this morning letting her know she was ready to come out and play. And the best news of all - mom, baby Kylie, and everyone else is healthy and doing just fine!

We will be making the trip to Evansville to see her the weekend after Easter. I'm sure we'll take about a million pictures of her. And I'm sure we'll pick some of the best and post them here. But until then - I have a cellphone picture that will have to do!

So here it is. The official unveiling! World - meet baby Kylie. Baby Kylie - here's the world!

Hi! My name is Kylie Lackey and
I'm only a few hours old!
March 24th 2009

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