Friday, February 27, 2009

Let the REAL fun begin!

We've been waiting for days. Weeks even. The appliances have been here since January 6th - patiently waiting in the garage (in my parking space by the way!). The whole process has been one big game of hurry up and wait.
And now the waiting is officially over. Wednesday was the day! The kitchen demolition officially began! It's amazing - one morning you wake up and everything looks normal. Then a few short hours later, your kitchen sink is laying in the middle of the floor, the counter top is laying on the garage floor, the cabinets are in varying states of disarray throughout the garage, and two guys are standing in your "kitchen" with pry bars getting ready to rip down your drywall.

Woo Hoo!!! What fun it is!!!

That was the first day. The second day (yesterday) was less "visually" drastic - but no less messy. It was time to rip up the old floor tile! Unless you have done this before, you have absolutely no idea how much dust the old mortar makes. There is not a nook or cranny anywhere in the house, downstairs or up, that doesn't have dust in it! And that was after they hung plastic sheeting from floor to ceiling to try and keep the dust in the kitchen! And then they had to take up the second layer of plywood. It was screwed AND glued on top of the original plywood sub floor. That actually took longer then getting the tile up.

Our original and inferior kitchen

The first step. How is this for improvement!?!?!?

Today was electrical re-wiring day. There were some interesting electrical discoveries. One was a little mouse that found its way into the wall behind the old lazy susan. It was old enough that it wasn't even recognizable - but I remember it well. It was about 8 years ago. We never did catch it. We assumed that it found its way out the same way it found its way in. But we were wrong! Instead of finding its way out, he found some electrical wire to chew on! Yummy! But not so good for your health...

At any rate, all of the new electrical wire was ran today (including re-running the mouse snack). With any luck, the plumber will get his part done Monday and the drywall can start going up Tuesday. We'll be sure to keep everyone posted!

Look at that pretty new wiring!

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