Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Weekend That Had It All...

Our weekend getaway turned out to be fantastic! And it had a little bit of everything. Some playing with the dogs. Some sitting in the hot tub. Some alone time. Some "playing tourist in Pigeon Forge" time. Some spring time. Some winter time.

But it was all a good time!

First - the playing with the dogs. Izzy has always loved going "bye-bye" and Foxy has always loved an adventure of any kind. So they were excited before we left the driveway! Once we got there, it was their goal to sniff every square corner of the place.

Foxy gets settled in...

And, of course, they got plenty of play time to go along with their ample amounts relaxing...

Izzy and Foxy play hide-and-go-seek with their mom!

Foxy naps while her mom reads

Izzy still needs her lovin'!

Izzy plays with her football duck!

The first night was cold (somewhere in the 20's). What a perfect time to sit in the hot tub out on the deck! So we jacked the water temp up to 104 - changed clothes - and jumped in! It was chilly for the three steps it took to get to the hot tub - but once we were in, it was great! We sat in the water so long that we both turned to prunes...

The next day, the weather was fantastic! A beautiful, sunny, east Tennessee day with the temperature getting to a balmy 65! What a perfect day to sit around and enjoy the weather.

"This weather is great! How did I get way up here?"

We had to drive back to Knoxville late that afternoon and our neighbors offered to watch the dogs for us when we went back. We took them up on the offer so they wouldn't be able to wake up their mom at 3am! She actually got to sleep in!!!

So we drove back and had dinner at the Apple Barn. Talk about good ol' fashion country cooking! You wouldn't believe the amount of food that we got. And it was all delicious! Come and visit us - we'll take you there!

That evening we were alone. We sat in the hot tub again, although the outside temperature was still around 45. We played a little pool. Mostly, we were waiting around for our food to digest a little before we went to bed.

The next morning was a surprise. It snowed! It was a winter wonderland! Let's crank up that fireplace on HIGH! There really is nothing prettier than being in the mountains with snow all around. We were a little worried about how we were going to get out - you should have seen some of those roads! But it turns out that we had no problem at all...

The cabin - before the snow...

The cabin - AFTER the snow!

It's a winter wonderland!

We spent the rest of that afternoon playing "tourists" in Pigeon Forge. Lot's of outlet mall shopping. We even made a few purchases! Just doing our part to keep the local economy going!

So, it was a very successful weekend. We came back refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face the world again! Now - if those 60 degree days would come back...

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