Sunday, February 1, 2009

Good luck from Bobby?

OK - I know that I've already written about this once already. Sure - it was a big deal that ESPN College Game Day came to Knoxville. With that comes the winningest NCAA men's basketball coach of all time Bobby Knight.

And sure - they did the show live from "the Summit" in Thompson Boiling Arena. And there were a lot of folks who braved the craziness just to go down and be a part of the show.

And, of course, we had tickets to the game that night (against Florida). But who would have thought that when we got to the game, there would be Bobby (and the rest of the game day crew) just a few short feet away from our seats!

Some of you may say "big deal". So was it a big deal for the Vols? You bet! Florida (the only SEC team in the top 25) never led. As a matter of fact, they were never in the game. The only time that the lead was less than 10 points was when the score was 8 to zilch! It was really good to see - especially after the embarrassing loss to LSU last Wednesday. During that game, we didn't play well - and our favorite official (Teddy Valentine) made extra sure that LSU won the game. It's bad when even the TV announcers (is it a coincidence that Teddy's initials are "TV"?) are commenting about how bad the calls are.

So did Bobby really bring us the good mojo? I think so. And if not - I'm sure there is a long term restraining order between Bobby and Teddy which insured that Teddy would not officiate the Florida game!

I wonder if I should try and find some red plaid pants and a sweater...

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