Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bobby Knight Visits Knoxville!

Today, something significant happened. Bobby Knight visited Knoxville! That's right! He was right here. Sitting in the same arena that I'll be sitting in just a few short hours from now...

Oh - and ESPN College Game Day was here too...

It was the first time that the "basketball" version of Game Day came to Knoxville. So that makes it a pretty significant event. They were set up at Thompson Bolling Arena doing the show. Digger Phelps had his signature matching tie and highlighter (yellow for today) - the college crowd was going crazy behind the set (I'm surprised nobody had a Teddy Valentine sign after the officiating debacle last game - especially since Teddy and Bobby have a little history!).

And then the General walks out. The crowd goes crazy. The chanting starts - 'BOB-bee KNI-eet BOB-bee KNI-eet'. It was great.

And the best part was the interview. Not with Bruce Pearl. Nope. Not with Bobby here. Not with Bobby being the winningest men's basketball coach of all time. Not when the winningest WOMEN'S coach (in fact - the winningest coach of ALL TIME) is still coaching in Knoxville. Not when she has won 999 games. Not when the floor in Thompson Bolling has her name painted across it!

That's right - the interview was with Pat Summit! And I have to say - it was really cool seeing the two greatest coach of all time sitting next to each other and having fun! And who knew that they actually coached together about a million years ago? That's right! Remember the Pan-Am games? The year that Pat was coaching the women's team, Bobby was coaching the men's team. And they ate lunch and dinner together everyday and talked about nothing but basketball. It almost sounds like a dream vacation!

So - by next week, Pat should have crossed the magic 1,000 win threshold. Bobby probably put it in perspective the best. He said, "Now - not many coaches win 33 games a season. Most coaches would kill to have a 33 win season. And to put a thousand wins into perspective, a coach would have to have 30 years of 33 win seasons and still be 10 games short of what Pat Summit has accomplished."

Well said Bobby...

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