Sunday, January 25, 2009

Flipside Runner

Remember the "good ol days"? For the Leengrams (and a whole host of our friends), the "good ol days" encompasses multiple trips to multiple cities in multiple states to go see a band called the Velcro Pygmies. The music, the comedy, the banter between Cam and Blake - now that was the good ol days.

Then we got older. We moved to other states. The Pygmies got another guitar player (then another, and yet another...). We find it hard to stay up to 3am to stay in a bar so filled with smoke that you can't see the other side all while drunks are burning holes in your clothes. Oh my. We really are getting old.

But last night we broke out of the mold. We actually went out on a Saturday night! To see a band! In Knoxville!!! The band was "Flipside Runner". Before you ask - I have no idea where the name came from. Perhaps we are attracted to bands with strange names! They reminded us a lot of the Pygmies. The music was good and the band was very entertaining! And their antics reminded us a lot of the Pygmies. There were even jokes between the singer and guitar player about the singers mom. You could close your eyes and be convinced that it was Cam and Blake.

So - are they better than the Pygmies? No way. But the Pygmies don't come to K'town very often. So when we are wondering what to do on a Friday or Saturday night - we'll be looking up Flipside Runner. And if you come to visit us - just ask and we'll take you to see them too!

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