Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Pictures!


It's been a while - and there have been some technical difficulties - but the Christmas pictures are finally available for your viewing pleasure!

There are even nicely organized by family! Just click on the Ingram's, the Lee's, or the Epley's and you will be amazingly taken away to the Kodak site where your eyes will be dazzled by our photographic genius. Ok - that last part might be over the edge a little bit - but you will indeed be able to view the pictures!

Hopefully, I'll get the pics from Heather's wedding uploaded tonight (we'll see). When I get them done, I'll post a link to them too!

And one last tidbit - the kitchen is one step closer to being finalized. The last element was the flooring and wall tile. We met with "Marni" (yep - it certainly is an unusual name!) who has been helping us with the tile. The floor was pretty straight forward, and after meeting with her on Saturday, I believe the wall has been finalized. We are waiting on the final drawings (hopefully they will be done tomorrow) and then EVERYTHING will be finalized! The cabinets should be here in about 3 weeks. And the REAL fun will begin in about 4 weeks! Don't worry - there will be plenty on pictures of that mess!

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