Saturday, January 31, 2009

The dogs love snow!

Well - we've been waiting a couple of days to post this. We really hated to post about snow when so many of our family and friends were buried in inches of ice with no power

But now we've heard from everyone - and all is well. Or at least everyone has power again! Not having heat in the winter really sucks

But before the big ice storm hit the Ohio Valley - we had a little snow in Knoxville. Everyone got into a panic, rushed out and bought milk, bread, and eggs (I'm not sure why everyone wants French Toast when it snows). And we just sat back and enjoyed the day.

Look at that snow

And the most fun was playing with the dogs! It was the first time Foxy saw snow! She and Izzy ran and played (and slipped and slided) all over the deck and backyard! Actually - Izzy and Foxy have been playing a LOT lately! It's been good to see Izzy back to her normal "running around" self (although she's asleep on the living room rug right now!)

Wow! Snow is FUN!

Hey - can you eat this stuff?

This stuff is sticking to my back!

Come on sis! Let's go play!

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