Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine's day. The holiday of Hallmark. It's always the day after all of the husbands of the world grudgingly make the trek to the card shop to pick out the card and buy some flowers or chocolate.

But we are still newly-weds. Hey - Stop laughing! We've really only been married for three years!!! All of those "engaged" years don't count!

So for us, Valentine's day still has that little bit of magic. It's that day when you get to think back and say "Wow. I really am lucky"

So, on this Valentine's day, I woke up and padded my way to the bathroom. And through my squinty, morning eyes I saw this message on the mirror...

...and I smiled and kissed my lovely spouse. A simple little note. But it's the fact that my "significant other" actually snuck out of bed just to stick all of those squishy little gel letters on the mirror (they really were fun to poke) just so that my day would be a little better. It was the beginning of a fantastic day!

We hope all of our family and friends had a day that was as spectacular as ours!!!

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