Sunday, November 16, 2008


That's right baby! The Vols are UNDEFEATED!!!

Of course I'm not talking about the football team (although the Titans are still undefeated!). I'm talking about the men's basketball team!!! And of course, the women won their season opener too - but I expect them to win the first game (just like I expect that the sun will come up tomorrow).

The men on the other hand - they had some "preseason" cause for concern. The big one was offensive scoring. Three of the guys that graduated last year scored 80% of the 3-point shots last year. And they are a REALLY young team who has only been playing together for a few weeks. It's a big challenge to play in a Bruce Pearl "run 'em up and down the court" fast paced all out full court press high turn over big scoring team.

And they were playing UTC (one of the few teams who has beaten a Pearl team in the past). And UTC is supposed to be VERY good this year - actually favored to win their conference.

All of that adds up to a scary season opener

So - how did the young team do? Where they able to get those big turn-overs? Were they able to run that high-powered offense against a good quality opponent? I'll let you decide. The score was Tennessee 114, UTC 75. And that was with Teddy Valentine officiating! For those of you who don't know how "frustrating" a Teddy Valentine game can be - ask Bobby Knight. Teddy's calls are SO RIDICULOUS that Bobby felt it necessary to throw a chair at him.

So - you may be saying "1 and 0 - it was the season opener. No big deal." And if you are saying that then maybe you should talk to a Kentucky fan. I hear that winning the first game is so unimportant to them that they decided to not do it this year. We'll see how well that works out for them as the season goes on...

And for all of you Indiana basketball fans - you had your chance. Bruce is ours now! Did I mention that he just bought a 2 million dollar house in Knoxville? Yep - we are treating him right.

But if you are looking for a coach from the University of Tennessee, then we have a football coach (most likely an entire coaching staff) that will be available in about 3 weeks...

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