Thursday, November 6, 2008

Howling Dogs

Most of you know that we are dog lovers. And most of you know that we now have two dogs. What you probably don't know about is our fascination with "howling". We've tried and tried to get Izzy to howl (there's a great story that involves the pizza delivery guy) - but she just looks at us like we are absolutely nuts.

Last week, we decided to give it a try with Foxy Brown. Darlene and I were howling away. Izzy was barking (I think she was trying to tell us to shut up). And Foxy was just watching us like we were a three ring circus. Then all of a sudden, she leaned back, pointed her nose in the air, and let out the most mournful howl you've ever heard. It was great!

Foxy gives us a little howl

Last night - we decided to give it another try. She was pretty tired and it wasn't quite as heartfelt as the first time but it was still really cute! At least she was willing to humor us...

Seemingly unrelated - the weather here has been PERFECT for the last few days. Lows in the 40's but during the day it's been sunny and mid 70's! We've had the windows open (and haven't ran the AC or the heat pump for more than a couple of hours for the last 6 weeks - take that TVA and your 20% rate hike!). And I'm sure that all of our neighbors have been doing the same thing - who wouldn't want their windows open with weather like this?

Now, imagine what our neighbors must have thought was Darlene and I started howling...........

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