Monday, November 3, 2008

Burn it!

So - what do you do when you are through with a flooring remodel? You have a million little scraps of wood laying around - not to mention all of the old trim that was replaced. Sure - I could cut it up and put it in the trash. But what is the fun in that (other than I getting to use those power tools again!). Maybe there is a way I can dispose of the scraps - still use the power tools - but not add extra weight to the trash can. After all - who wants to roll a heavy trash can to the curb?

Why not burn it!

So that's what we did. I cut it up into small pieces (I love the sound of a radial arm saw on a Saturday morning! I hope my neighbors do too...). Then got out the camping chairs, set everything up, and waited for it to get dark.

Then I lit it up, sat back, and had a beer. Even Darlene had a beer! And the dogs thought we were stupid for sitting out in the yard (they were thinking 'hey - don't we poop out there?').

It was a great time - we wish you could have been there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wow.. now the true rednecks even come out in Knoxville.. Everyone else may not be impressed but i find this small piece of knowledge pricless and truely inspiring to just enjoy life even if its messy.

love you guys.. i think this may be one of your coolest ideas