Monday, November 24, 2008

Tracey's ultrasound

So today was the day. Tracey had her ultrasound! So now I know if it's a boy or a girl. And I'm sure I'll get around to mentioning it somewhere in this post. But for now, you'll have to read some more of my ramblings...

So - Tracey was doing good. She sounded really excited about the baby! Everything in the ultrasound was normal - the tech could see all four chambers of the heart and you could see the baby moving around. She was telling me that the baby looked like it had a big head - that should be fun for her when March rolls around!

Here's the ultrasound picture from earlier today! Isn't technology great? She has an ultrasound in Evansville and sends a snapshot to my cellphone and I can post it for the world to see. All in a matter of minutes. How cool is that? And at first glance, it looks like the typical ultrasound "static blur" - and while I'm no expert (obviously, since all ultrasounds look like blurs to me), it's pretty obvious that this is a great picture of the right side of the babies head. And look at the cute little nose! But you can't tell from this view if it's a boy or a girl...

Look at that cute picture!

Now - if you read the earlier post, then you already know about the lopsided count in the niece/nephew department. Currently, we have 9 - 6 boys, and a mere 3 girls. And you should also know that I was secretly hoping for a girl (I have this thing with symmetry...) and Tracey was hoping for a girl too - but everybody else was convinced that it was a boy. And all of Chuck's brothers all had boys (or at least there wives had boys - but the brothers are the ones who made the decision if you know what I mean!). I'm sure that Tracey had plenty of people offering their own unique speculation - "see that little lump in your stomach there? That means it's a boy" - or "see how your bellybutton is tilting up? That means it's a girl". I love hearing crazy things like that...

Of course - everybody knows that the best way to really determine the sex of a baby (other than birth!) is with the ultrasound. And today was Tracey's turn to find out. So - she asked the tech doing the ultrasound - could she see if it was a boy or a girl? And the tech said "Yep - I sure can. There is no doubt that it is....."

A girl!!!!!!!!!!!

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