Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The pictures are in!

It’s official!  I hold in my hand – a CD containing all of the pictures from Mikes 9 month “photo shoot”!

Megan Parker was (once again) the photographer responsible for the wonderful pictures.  We can’t thank her enough for sharing her wonderful talents with us!

It’s hard to believe that Mike is already 10 months old.  Eight short weeks from today and we will be singing “happy birthday” to him!  I’m not sure where the time has gone – lost somewhere between the diapers and bottles and diapers and baths and diapers and naps and diapers and bottles and whirled peas and diapers.  Not to mention the clubbed feet and casts and doctor visits and runny noses and casts and crying and corrective braces and crying and surgery (and no more crying!) and more runny noses and ear aches.  Oh – and there was the smiling and the giggles and the da da da and the ma ma ma and more laughs and more jibber jabber and more laughs.

We look at him now and think “he hasn’t changed that much – he’s still that same little boy”.  But tonight, while I was trying to remember where the last 10 months have gone (I’m pretty sure that a large chunk has gone to empting the diaper genie), I thumbed through his 9 month pictures.  Then his 6 month pictures.  Then his 3 month pictures.  Then some newborn snapshots.  And I realize that our little boy has been doing plenty of growing – no matter how much we want to “Peter Pan” him and keep him young forever!

How much has he changed?  Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself!  And if you would like to see his 9 month pictures – you can see them here.


Newborn MikeHere is “Newborn Mike” getting ready for the trip home from the hospital… 


3 month old Mike

Here’s “Three Month Mike” after his first “photo shoot”.  Modeling is exhausting work!

6 month old Mike

Here’s “Six Month Old Mike” coming to getcha!

     9 month old Mike

Here’s “Nine Month Mike” plotting some mischief…


 9 month old Mike

…and “Nine Month Mike” cheering for the Vols!

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Jo-Ann said...

It goes too fast doesn't it?

Btw, his feet look fabulous!