Thursday, September 23, 2010

The ear infection update…

Mike had a follow-up visit at the pediatrician today.  She wanted to check on his ear infection.  In case you need a quick update – here it goes…

Back 3 1/2 weeks ago, we discovered that Mike had an ear infection in both ears (which is a story all by itself – you can read all about it here).  As of today, we have completed two round of different antibiotics and made the trip to the pediatrician to see how his ears were doing.

So we had the usual battery of questions. 

Have you noticed any discharge from the ear? 


Any Fever? 


More fussy than usual? 

Maybe a little, but not really. 

Reduced appetite? 

He did have, but his appetite certainly returned yesterday – he ate and ate and ate! 

Has he been tugging or pulling on his ear?

Yep – he pulls on the right ear a lot.  Particularly when he is sleepy.

Ok.  The doctor will be in shortly!

And sure enough, a few minutes later the doctor whisked in the door and jokingly said, “Didn’t I just see you the other day”?

She flipped through the notes on the laptop and said, “Hmmm – Mike’s lost a little weight (1.5 oz to be exact).  And it says here that he is pulling on his right ear a little.  Let’s take a look at that…”.  And she whips out her otoscope and snapped on a new speculum (oh how I love using the medical lingo!) and takes a peek in Mike’s right ear.  “Well – that looks all clear!”

One down, one to go.  She rolls Mike over, takes a peek in his left ear and says  “Eeeewwww!”.  And anytime you hear a doctor say that, you can be fairly sure that the diagnosis is not going to be what you wanted to hear.

And sure enough, she told us that Mike still has a decent case of acute otitis media (more of that lingo!).  She prescribed a third antibiotic that we started this evening. 

Here’s hoping that in 10 more days it will all be clear.

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Tracey lackey said...

Poor thing!!! I hope he feels better soon!! Love ya guys!