Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mike’s new discoveries

There have been some new discoveries by Mister Mike at our house!  The first one (it will come as no surprise to most) is that he has become even more mobile.  Not quite a crawl yet – but more of an “army man slither”.  It’s certainly exciting watching your child grow and learn – but this one comes with some “nervous apprehension”. 


I call it the “remember when” syndrome.  In just a few short weeks (perhaps even days), we will say to each other, “Remember when we used to put him down in one place and he would stay?  We could go to another room and come back 15 minutes later and he would be happily playing in the same spot.”

We are now on the verge of having to childproof our house “for real” (aka “not for fake”).  Outlet covers.  Cabinet locks.  Child gates (our very own gated community!).

Sure – we could put on our rose tinted “new parent” glasses and say “but OUR Mikey wouldn’t do those things”!

Yea – right!  Today he squirmed over to one of the dog’s water bowls (he LOVES water!) and started splashing around.  It certainly was adorable!  But only a “sneak preview” of things to come!

And speaking of adorable – we had the nine month pictures taken this weekend!  Again, Megan did a fantastic job!  The pictures have been ordered – and we will certainly share them with you all as soon as we get them.  But until then – here’s one of the proofs!


Mike in chair Who – me?  Play in the dog’s water?  You must have the wrong guy!

Just look at that adorable baby!  Beautiful, blue eyes, pretty little pig toes, little tuft of hair on his head – and that little pink tongue giving you a raspberry! 

That’s my boy!

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Tracey Lackey said...

Loooooove it!!! Too cute!!!! If you think crawling is fun,just wait until he starts climbing on EVERYTHING!! Just like his cousin Kylie!!!lol She climbed the TV the other day!!!!WE love you!!!!