Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mike’s 9 month checkup – with a surprise (or “it can happen to anyone”)!

Today was Mike’s nine month checkup.  It was typical as far as baby check-ups go.  Measure, weigh, poke, prod, etc, etc.

The highlights are that Mike is now pushing 20 pounds (believe me – I feel every ounce!) and his doctor is especially pleased with his eating.  He certainly has his favorites (like pears), but he will eat anything that we give him and has not turned away anything that we’ve tried.  It is to the point now where we are searching the baby food isles for any sort of food that he hasn’t already tried!

The only ting we’ve had trouble with (in recent memory) is solid food.  It is very much a “texture” thing.  He likes the flavor and will put it on his tongue – but he doesn’t like the texture and he spits it back out.  Repeat, repeat, repeat.  It’s almost cute (and a little funny) to watch him do it.  His doctor told us (and we already knew) that it’s nothing to worry about – he’ll munch down on it when he’s ready.  And I’m sure that it will be on his terms!

And his doctor checked his ears.  There is still a little infection in them, but they are on their way to healing.  It wasn’t an “outer” ear infection, so it wasn’t caused by us getting bathwater in his ear.  She confirmed our suspicion that it was a “middle” ear infection caused by his congestion.  She gave us some much welcome news – it’s now ok to give Mike some children’s Zyrtec to help with his congestion!  Words can’t describe how excited we are by this!  For the last 6 months, Mike has spent more days with a snotty nose than without.  We are hoping that the Zyrtec will provide more relief (or at least more relief than the “saline and snot sucker” method).

But the big surprise of the visit is that Mike’s doctor is officially “up the duff”, “up the spout”, “has a bun in the oven”, “preggers”, “prego”!  That’s right – Mike’s pediatrician is pregnant!

It’s certainly not a surprise that a pediatrician would want children – and Mike’s doctor is no exception.  What makes it a surprise is that she already has children, and has previously told us that she is happy now that her youngest was starting school.  So we were a little surprised that she and her husband decided to start over with another.

That was when she admitted that it was one of those “wait a minute – how did that happen?” moments.  I had to chuckle a little at that – because I’m pretty sure that she wouldn’t have made it through medical school without knowing “how that happens” (did I mention that she is a Cornell graduate?).  Oh – and her husband is an orthopedic surgeon – so I’m pretty sure that he knows “how it happens” too!

So remember – if an “oops” can happen to two doctors, it can happen to you!  As for “how it happens”, I’m no doctor – but I’m pretty sure it’s caused by kissing…

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Jo-Ann said...

Great checkup! My second was 20 lbs by 9 m as well. Funny how kids are different, Matthew didn't hit 20 lbs until he was 18 m. lol

Have to say, Ryan (my second) was sort of an oops. We were told after 3 yrs of infertility, testing, procedures, medications, that it would never happen naturally for us. We were pleasantly surprised to find I was pregnant naturally when Matthew was 8 m old!

So, yes, surprises can happen to anyone!