Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day – Goodbye to the “dog days” of summer…

Labor Day.  The unofficial end of summer.  Good bye sweltering heat.  Good bye to triple digit temperatures (and even higher heat indexes).  Hello to cool breezes…

And this year, Mother Nature was right on cue.  She packed away the heat (at least for the weekend) and let the sun shine on us in a more gentle fashion.  The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for getting together with family and celebrating another summer behind us.  Or perhaps we were celebrating the beginning of another season of college football!

Mike’s new trick for the weekend was the “Go VOLS!” pose.  We got the idea from the quad squad.  When we saw them do it, we thought it was absolutely adorable!  All you have to do is say “Go VOLS!” and Mike raises his hands in the air in the “touchdown” pose.  He has added his own twist by waving with one hand while he does it – almost as if waving goodbye to the other team. 

Of course, the lady’s at daycare (who are big Vol fans) can’t get enough of it.  Mikey – he’s turning into such a lady’s man!

And we got to see a lot of family this Labor Day weekend.  It’s funny how when your closest family is 200 miles away (and many of them are more than 300 miles away) – you really cherish every moment you get to spend with them.  This weekend, we were able to see so many more family members than we are usually able to squeeze in.  Of course there was “nan” and “grandpa Lee” – we would be drawn and quartered if we didn’t visit them while we were in town!  But we also got to visit with Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim, Aunt Joann and Uncle Kenny, Aunt Jenny and Derrick and cousins Lucas & Kiersten, Aunt Tracey and Uncle Chuck, and Aunt Andrea and Uncle Larry!  It was such a special treat. 

So – goodbye summer.  You may try to make us sweat it out with some more warm days, but we all know that your days are numbered.  Week 2 of college football starts this weekend (Tennessee and Oregon – a big challenge, but you know that Mike will be saying “go vols” all weekend!) – and the NFL begins regular season play this weekend.  It won’t be long now and we’ll be planning Mikes first birthday party!



Mike says “GO VOLS!”


Mike and Nan

Mike and Nan playing away!

Mike and Lucas

Mike and Lucas playing “Joe Cool”…

Mike and Grandpa Lee

Mike and Grandpa Lee

Mike and Grandpa wait for the food...

Mike and grandpa wait for the food…

A rare treat!

It’s a rare treat to have this clan all in one place!

Mike Smiling

“It sure was fun visiting with everyone”

Mike smiling some more...

“I had such a great time”

      Mike is sleepy!

But all of that traveling and visiting sure makes me sleepy!”

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Jo-Ann said...

Oh my gosh, how sweet!! Love the Go Vols pic!!

I am already missing summer, but then we never really had one this year.