Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Where have we been?

We’ve had several inquiries over the last day or two about the reason for our lack of posts!  Unfortunately, we have been much busier than normal at work.  And since Mike hasn’t learned to type yet, the posts have fallen behind.

And we thought that tonight would pass by without another post.  Tennessee is playing Vanderbilt tonight (at Vandy) and we had thought that we would be glued to the screen, cheering on the Vols.  But alas.  The score became so painful that we couldn’t watch any more.  Better to just see the score in the paper tomorrow…

So the Vols loss is your gain!  A post!!!

As I remember, we left you all hanging on the last post.  Something about a “big transition” that Mike had made?  And it’s true – he did make a big transition!  It happened on Friday, January 30th.  Mr. Mike (who is currently asleep in my arms while I type this) officially made the move out of his bassinet in Mom and Dad’s room all the way upstairs in to his very own bed in his very own room!  We carried him up the steps, wrapped him in his blanket, and kissed him good night.  He looked so precious laying in the great big baby bed!  We were certainly nervous about how well he would do – but Mike fell asleep right away and enjoyed one of he best nights of sleep that he’s ever had!  He slept all the way through the night!  And we all woke up Saturday morning feeling like a million bucks!  He’s been sleeping in his own bed ever since…


  Gonk Zoom 

Look how cute I am snuggled up in my big bed!



And yesterday we decided to pull his “bumbo” seat out.  If you don’t know what it is – it’s a little seat made out of foam for infants to sit in.  Mike, who has excelled at holding his head up, decided that he wanted to give it a whirl.  At first, he wasn’t too sure what to think about it.  After all, when you are used to looking at the world while laying on your back, it all has a much different perspective when you are sitting up!  But after a minute, he had the hang of it and decided that it was pretty cool to sit in his seat and play on his mat.


DSC_0140 Whoa!  What the heck?


Foxy is just as curious about this contraption as Mike is!

Hey - not too bad!

Hey – this thing may not be so bad…

This is COOL!

…and it’s really cool on my mat!

And Mike is still enjoying his “pre-school”.  His teachers think his casts are adorable and are almost sad that he will be losing them soon!  Apparently, his favorite thing to do has nothing at all to do with the multitude of activities that are in his room.  Nope.  No Sir.  No Indeed.  His favorite thing to do is to get his diaper changed!  While laying on the changing table (which is a Formica counter top at the pre-school), he loves to bang his casts on the table top!  According to his teachers, he will bring them crashing down and then look up at them and just laugh and laugh!  So obviously his heels aren’t bothering him any…

And speaking of his heel – here is the official “club feet” update.  Mike will be getting his casts take off Thursday morning.  Which means that he will be going back to the brace Thursday morning.  The brace was such a problem before that we can’t help but to be nervous.  But the casts have been holding his feet in the same position that the brace will be.  And he has been nothing but happy with them.  And everything we have heard (from the doctors and from people who have had the same problems we’ve had) is that the brace becomes a “non-issue” after then tenotomy.  So we are cautiously optimistic that he will have no more problems with the brace.  We will be sure to let you know!

In the meantime, we are going to bundle up and stay warm.  And while we are about 15 degrees below normal (brrrrrrrrr!) – at least we are not getting the snow that many of our friends and family are getting!  Maybe when Mike is a little older and we can get out and play in it…


Stay warm!

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