Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Update!

Here it is!  The official update on everything we can think of to update you on!  We will answer your questions in order of popularity – and then update you on things that you didn’t even know to ask…

The most popular question is “how’s Mike”?  And the answer is Mike’s GREAT! 

And then there are other questions that follow from that one.  Such as “how is he doing with daycare”?  And the answer is Mike REALLY enjoys going to daycare.  And we’ve decided that calling it daycare really isn’t fair to the Nanny’s.  They call it an “Edu-Care” center.  And I think that we will start calling it “pre-school”.

“Pre-school for 9 week old babies” you say?  And we say - “Yep”.  The entire center, from the infants to the 5-year-olds, is set up like a school.  And each age group, even the infants, have a curriculum that they follow every day.  This didn’t come as a surprise to us – we knew all about it and this was one of the primary reason we selected the Nannies.  But they still continue to impress us with how much the really do with the infants.  For example,  this past Friday Mike had his first art project!  We won’t comment on it too much just yet.  It’s still hanging up at the Nannies right now – and once we get a picture of it, we will post it here!

Another popular “Mike” question (usually ask with some obvious concern).  The quick answer is that we (and Mike!) couldn’t be happier with the way things are going.  The orthopedic surgeon was extremely pleased with the tenotomy procedure.  He is still in his casts, but we simply cannot explain the drastic change in his happiness.  Before the procedure, he was in one of two states of existence – sleeping, or screaming.  And by screaming, we do NOT mean that he was crying, or crying loudly.  We mean that he was looking up at us with panic, pleading eyes and screaming at full volume which, without a doubt, meant “why aren’t you helping me!!!!!!”.  It was an absolute heart breaker.

And now?  He doesn’t care one single bit about wearing his casts.  Especially since we put a little moleskin around the top to stop the chafing!  He enjoys clicking his heals together when he is happy and he’s been known to bring them crashing down in a loud “bang” when he is mad or has some gas!  He has so much fun playing on his mat (which is what he is doing right this very second!) or swinging in his swing.  And the best part?  As much as it broke our hearts to have him looking up at us with the pleading scream – he now looks up at us and that big toothless grin spreads across his face, melts our hearts, and turns us into blubbering parental goo!

DSC_0097 Here I am playing on my mat!



Look at that smile!

And there have been other things happen too.  For the two weeks that Mike was out of the casts, he got to enjoy a “real” bath!  He was a little unsure about the first one (“Are you guys sure that I should be sitting in the water?  We never did it this way before…”) – but by the second one, he realized that this was the equivalent of a baby spa treatment.  He would start out just sitting in the tub of warm water and relaxing.  And if you didn’t watch him, he would relax so much that he would just fall asleep!

DSC_0081 Hey – I think I like this bath thing!




This is fun AND relaxing!



DSC_0087 …maybe a little TOO relaxing…


 DSC_0084 Hey!  Was I asleep?

And we have one more surprise to share with you all.  Mike made a big transition yesterday and he’s really excited about it.  Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures of it yet so you will have to wait!  Hopefully in the next day or two, we will be able to write a quick post about it.  Until then, here is one more picture of our beautiful smiling baby boy…


Hi everybody!

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Jo-Ann said...

Oh I am THRILLED! Matthew woke the day after his tenotomy a different child. So nice after all the screaming.

So happy Mike is feeling better too!