Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pictures of us!

We’ve taken a LOT of pictures in the three months since Mike’s birth.  And I really mean A LOT!  Hundreds and hundreds.  And some of them have even turned out pretty good!

But today we collected on our Christmas present to each other.  For Christmas this year, with our limited shopping availability, we decided to go get some pictures of the the three of us as a new family!  We did some research and settled on Megan Parker Photography.  She specializes in photographs of little babies and families – and when we took a look at some of her work, we were sold.  We called her right away, and made an appointment.

We walked in to her studio this afternoon and were amazed at how good she was with Mike.  It really does take a special talent to pose a 3 month old and be able to grab the camera in time and snap off some pictures before the baby decides to do something else!  But Megan did it time and time again with Mike – and he even seemed to enjoy it!  I should have known that he would be a little flirt.

So Megan is working on the pictures now and hopefully we will be picking some out later this week.  What?  You don’t want to wait until later this week to see some of the photos?  Well guess what – you are in luck!  Just click here to see 6 of Mike’s proofs.  And yes – those are REAL bunnies! 

Thank you Megan!  We really did have a fantastic time today – and the pictures are GREAT!!!

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