Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

You’ve gotta love it when the 4th of July equals a three day weekend.  That’s three days to say “Happy Birthday America”!!!  And here’s our plan for the weekend…

Today was a little bit of playing with the dogs, long motorcycle rides to nowhere, naps in the recliner, and a baseball game.

The weather has been great, so the dogs have enjoyed being outside and wrestling around.  They had to make a quick trip to the vet (just a quick checkup) but not even that could dampen their spirits.  Then there was the long motorcycle ride.  East Tennessee has some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere and there really is nothing like hopping on the bike (motor or pedal – either on works!) and finding a winding road to ride on.  And the day was followed up by watching the Tennessee Smokies play some baseball.  The home plate umpire made some really bad calls right at the end of the game.  That brought manager Ryne Sandburg (yep – that Ryne Sandburg – the famous Cubs 2nd baseman) off the bench to have a polite discussion.  At least it appeared cordial.  The next thing you know, the umpire is tossing the Sandburg from the game and the Ryno puts on the best Billy Martin impersonation that I’ve ever seen.  Eventually, Sandburg walked off, but not before kicking a lot of dirt on home plate.  Billy himself would have been proud!  I personally believe that the umpire could have probably learned a thing or two from the hall of famer!  We won 5 to 3 and there was a nice fireworks show after the game.

Tomorrow is more Americana.  Bratwurst on the grill, some ice cold beer, some blackberry lemonade, home made apple pie, and some home made ice cream.  Out on the deck and enjoying this wonderful weather.  And we’ll finish it off by watching the Nascar drivers race under the lights at Daytona.

God I love this country!

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