Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The big day!

So – today was the big day. The “Level 2 anatomy sonogram”.

We woke up early and made it to the doctors appointment by 7:30. Signed in. Paid the co-pay. Blood pressure? Check. Pulse? Check. All systems go.

Off to the ultrasound room. Dim the lights (is that a good idea this early?). Fire up the machine. Spread the goop on the belly. Plop on the wand. The screen instantly changes to an image of a baby's butt.

Now – breech babies are not uncommon. And they are certainly nothing to worry about at 18 weeks. The baby will flip around (this is actually the first ultrasound where the baby was breech). The only issue was trying to get all of the images necessary for the anatomy sonogram when the baby is upside down and backwards!

They measured the arms. They measured the legs. They measured crown to rump. They measured the circumference of the head. They measured the heart beat. They measured the cervix. They looked at the spine. They looked at the heart. They looked at the kidneys. They looked at the stomach. They looked at the umbilical cord. They looked at the placenta. And the news was……….

Everything is completely normal! Based on some of the measurements, the due date might shift a week (one doctor still has it as December 6th while the other doctor has it as December 13th).

But because the baby was upside down and backwards, we couldn’t get a peak at the “private parts”. So it’s still a surprise! We go back on July 29th so they can complete the anatomy scan – they couldn’t “see” everything today because of the babies position. We are hoping that the baby is more cooperative (or “less modest” at least)!!!

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