Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And the ultrasound says…

Today was the day.  The continuation of the level 2 anatomy scan.  It started just like all of the others…

Appointment at 7:30am?  Check.  Signed in?  Check.  Co-pay?  Check.  Weight?  Check.  Blood Pressure?  Check.  Urine sample?  Check.  All systems go!  Turn on the ultrasound machine!  Warm up the belly goo!  Dim the lights!  Wait a minute – quick potty break…

Dim the lights again!  Select the correct magic wand and here we go…

Let’s start measuring.  Good sized head.  Nice arms.  Long legs.  Strong heartbeat and all four ventricles look good.  Spine looks good.  Everything in the abdomen looks good.  Everything looks great!

So lets get a look at those “private parts”.

Now – here’s the part where you need to remember that we began this scan back on July 8th.  If you don’t remember how “modest” our baby was, you may want to read that post again…

And here we go.  There’s the torso.  A little lower.  There’s the legs.  Oops!  That’s a little too low.  Back up a little bit.  HEY!  Why is that little section blacked out!!!!

Well – it turns out that ultrasound machines have significant difficulty “seeing” through a belly button.  And our baby had positioned the “private parts” right behind momma’s bellybutton.

Never fear.  Our sonographer was not going to be foiled a second time!  She poked.  She prodded.  She moved this way.  She moved that way.  She had momma roll over.  At last!  There it is!  Congratulations!

To the untrained eye, it looked like white blobs surrounded by other white blobs.  We couldn’t even tell that we were looking at baby parts – much less baby “private parts”.  But our sonographer assured us that she was a highly trained professional and that this was indeed proof that we are going to have…..







Because of the crazy looking picture (trust us – it looked like a bunch of static), we don’t have a picture showing the sex.  But we do have this one for you to look at!  If you look, the baby’s head is on the right side of the picture, laying on his back and looking towards the top of the picture.  And if you look close, you can see the ear, eye, nose, and mouth.  If you are really good, you can make out the chest and spinal cord.  And if you are training for an ultrasound job, you can probably make out much more than that!


Ultrasound 07-29-09-1

Howdy everybody!

So enjoy the picture!  It will probably be the last one we get for several weeks.  The pregnancy is so stellar that the next several doctors visits will just be “question and answer” sessions.  But we’ll keep you informed about everything we find out!


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