Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family visits!

We love it when family comes to visit us!  If there is any advantage of all in living so far away from our families – it’s that it becomes an extra special event when we get to see them.

This weekend we got an extra special treat when the “Patricks” came for a visit!  Anthony, Jessica, and Diane brought down Darlene’s mom from Stanton Kentucky!  They all stayed the weekend and we had a marvelous time!

The highlight of the trip was the Wii tournament!  Everybody got in on the action.  It turns out the Anthony’s little sister Jessica is quite a boxer!  She beat up her big brother on more than one occasion…

Diana put the whipping on both of her kids and her sister during some bowling matches.  Turns out that she is the bowling master.

And we all took turns at golf, baseball, tennis – even some carnival games.  It was a great time!  and Jessica had the extra pleasure of keeping BOTH of the dogs entertained.  It was quite a site watching both of the dogs fight for her attention!


DSC_0263 Diane is the bowling queen!



“Momma said knock you out!”  Anthony and Jessica put up their dukes!



Jessica had a great time with the dogs!



Sisterly love!

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