Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another good visit to the doctor

This morning was the regularly scheduled visit to the doctor and once again, there is nothing but good news to report!  It has been a surprisingly easy pregnancy so far (quick – find a piece of wood and knock on it!!!).  Not only has it surprised us, but all of the OB doctors (we’ve seen three so far – our “regular” one and two specialists), they have all been just as surprised as we have been. 

So today was a normal “poke and prod” visit with our regular OB.  She poked.  She prodded.  She got out her handy dandy baby heartbeat detector.  Everything is growing at the right rate and the baby’s heartbeat was a strong 160 beats per minute. 

And the little bugger was active this morning too.  The doctor had to keep moving the “magic wand” of the heart beat monitor around because the baby kept moving out from underneath it!  Too bad there was no ultrasound today – it would have been great to see the baby being so active. 

The doctor went over some recent test results with us.  They’ve done several tests now for downs syndrome, spinal bifida, and other genetic abnormalities.  All of the results were astounding!  The chances for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy-13 and Trisomy-18 have all improved.  If you remember, the odds were 1 in 1501 for Downs and better than 1 in 2000 for –13 and –18.  The odds are now 1 in 74,000 for Downs and better than 1 in 200,000 for –13 and –18.  And there have been no signs of spinal bifida or chest cavity problems.  Woo hoo!

Our next ultrasound is scheduled for the 29th.  Hopefully the baby will be just as active.  And hopefully it won’t be “upside down and backwards” so we can get a peek at the private parts!  Of course, the real reason for the ultrasound is to finish the level 2 anatomy scan (that baby better be more cooperative or it’s getting a whippin’!!!).  We’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

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