Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Veggie Tales

We’ve had a few posts now concerning our “vegetable saga” with Mike.  Remember that we tried carrots (mom’s favorite!) first and we reduced our son to tears three days in a row.  We tried squash next with the same results.  Then we altered our method and gave him a bite of cereal followed by a bite of vegetables and that seemed to do the trick!  In the end, he would eat a whole jar of squash in one sitting!

So me moved on the sweet potatoes.  No problem with those – he REALLY liked them!  So much that he would bang his tray wanting more!  We got a little adventurous and tried them without the cereal and he ate them like they were going out of style!  Perhaps he was getting used to this vegetable routine.

Next came green beans.  Not as good as sweet potatoes, but he still ate them all up!

That was when we decided it was time.  We had a feeding method that seemed to work.  And Mike also seemed to be getting used to these new, strange flavors.  So, with much apprehension from mom (she REALLY wanted Mike to like carrots!), we decided to try carrots again.

First, we primed Mike with a little cereal. 

Some cereal first...

Alright!  Cereal!!!

Then we told him it was time to try carrots again…

Are you sure?Ok mom and dad.  If you say they are good, I’ll try carrots again… 


And the result?  He liked them!  So much, that he ate the whole jar!

Carrots are good!

Hey!  Carrots really ARE good!!!

Success!  We officially checked carrots off of the vegetable “to do” list!

Next were sweet peas.  We saved them for “next to last” (we saved corn for last because it is always mixed with something else).  We were a little worried about the sweet peas.  Mike’s cousin (who is a few months older than him) hated sweet peas.  And his buddy (who is two weeks younger than him) was allergic to them.  But we decided that it was time to be brave and give them a try.

We used our same old method (which had become ‘tried and true’ by this point).  We primed him up with some cereal and then he got his first spoonful of peas…

the first spoonful

…the first spoonful goes down the hatch…

down the hatch!

…and Mike comes back wanting more!!!

  peas are good too!

So we have added sweet peas to the “success” list!  The last thing remaining was corn.  And we opted for the “corn and rice” mix.  And since all of the other vegetables have turned in to successes (even those that started out as failures) – you might be able to guess how this experiment ended up.  It was indeed a resounding success.  And while I don’t have any pictures (sorry, they are still on the camera and the camera is 290 miles away!) – you can look at any of the pictures above and imagine “yellow goo” on the spoon instead of “orange goo” or “green goo”.  Mike ate it up and came back with a smile on his face wanting more!

So, that ends our vegetable saga.  Next on the list?  Fruit!

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