Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More “firsts”

One thing we’ve realized now that we are parents is that during the first year of “parenthood” – nearly everything is a “first”. And every day seems to bring about the beginning of some milestone in your baby’s life.

Some are just silly – born from the fairytale notion of parenthood (or more likely – sleep deprivation of the parents!). Things like “the first poopy diaper” (for all of you Bill Cosby ‘Himself’ fans…). Or other things – like his first bath, the first time he peed on you. For goodness sakes – it’s no wonder all parents aren’t prescribed powerful psychotropic drugs when they are sent home with their new baby

Some are more monumental on the development scale – like the first time he slept through the night, the first time he rolled over, the first time he sat up.

Some are more directly related to clubbed feet – like his first casts (at 16 days old), the first night he could sleep without casts, his first brace, the first day he could have the brace off for more than a few minutes.

And then there are the really special ones. The ones that peel back the hardened exterior of adulthood and allow you to see the true wonders of the world through a child’s eye. And we were lucky enough to have TWO of those this past weekend!

They both happened while we were spending our 4th of July weekend camping at Indian Mountain State Park. The first “first” happened on the spur of the moment. We had decided to take Mike and the dogs walking down the little path that winds through a field, along a lake, then past a playground. We stopped at the playground and played! Mike’s dad even took him down the “slicky slide” (and provided some comic relief to mom!). We were almost ready to go when Mike’s mom stopped and looked at the swings. Mike’s dad said “Hmmm – I wonder if he would sit in there”? So we plopped him in and gave him a push. And there it was – that look on his face. The absolute joy of being a kid swinging on a swing at the playground. It made me want to hop in a swing too!

The second “first” happened later that same night. The little town of Jellico (which is where the Indian Mountain State Park is located) was having their 4th of July fireworks! The campground is close enough to be able to see the fireworks, but far enough away to mute the loud “BANG” to a more baby friendly level. We set out in the lawn chairs and watched the display. Mike sat upright and straight as a board on his dad’s lap and watched each firework with absolute wonder and amazement. He sat perfectly still and watched the entire 20 minute display. When it was over, he turned and looked at his mom with eyes as big as pie pans. What he was trying to say was unmistakable - “Did you see THAT? Did you SEE that? Holy cow – did you SEE THAT????”

And what a better way to say “Happy 234th birthday, America”! Watching a small fireworks display in a small town in the hills of Appalachia with your son looking up in the sky at the most amazing spectacle he has ever seen.

Going for a walk...

Mike on the walking path…

Mike and Dad on the slide

Mike and Dad going down the slide.


Mike LOVES to swing!

Worn out...

All that playing makes a fella awfully tired!


Mike’s first bite of sweet peas – were they a camping favorite or camping flop? Stay tuned to find out!

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Sounds like a fantastic time!

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