Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spending time with friends…

Not that long ago, we got to spend a couple of days watching Mike’s buddy Giada.  Giada was born just a couple weeks after Mike, and they’ve had several social visits.  But this was the first time that they would get to play all day for two days!

And we were excited about it too!  Our neighbor (Mrs. Maureen) came over in the afternoons after VBS to lend a hand – just in case taking care of two babies turned out to be too much.  After all, we are not nearly as good at taking care of multiple babies as our friends the “quad-mom and quad-dad” (by the way, the quads just recently turned four!).

It turned out to be two very nice days!  There was lots of playing, very little napping, and some pretty good eating.  All followed by more playing and even less napping.  We all had so much fun!  And we were glad to see Giada has made a full recovery and is now fully mobile after her spinal surgery!  Perhaps I’ll post the details of that some other day…

Until then, we are certainly looking forward to the next “play date”!


Mike and Giada

Giada and Mike play on their mats



   Giada driving the car

Giada takes a turn driving the car



 The two posers The two “posers”!




 Mike, Giada, and Mrs. Maureen Mike, Giada, and Mrs. Maureen – Mike has on his best “Hey Baby – you’re looking good!” pose…

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