Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating for Christmas

So this is the weekend. The weekend after Thanksgiving. For us, it's always the biggest redecorating day of the year. Not a single room of the house is untouched.

Of course, I'm talking about the Christmas decorations! All of the boxes are already down (and it was 27 degrees in the attic this morning!). Just when the laundry room was starting to look "normal", we littered it back up!

Stacks and stacks - and more around the corner!

And now all of the trees are up and the lights are on. We decided to use the "small" (8 foot) tree in the living room again this year. The 15 foot tree just seemed like a little more work than we wanted. It would have taken all weekend just to put it together, get the lights on it, and get it decorated. That means we would have spent all next week trying to get everything else out and would have only had one week to sit and enjoy it all before the holiday travels start...

So instead, we put the 8 foot tree in the living room and a 6 foot tree in each downstairs bedroom. The one in the living room is completely finished and we'll have the other two finished before the night is done. That leaves tomorrow for the rest of the decorations and putting all of the boxes back up in the attic.

The first completed tree!

It's been fun with the dogs. Izzy has been feeling a lot better and they have both been walking around inspecting the progress. Izzy is always a little bothered by the turmoil. Foxy doesn't really care - she's just glad to have a house!

Foxy - "Hey sis - why are mom and dad tearing up the house again?"
"Izzy - "I don't know - it seems like they do this every couple of weeks!"

And the antler tradition continues. We opened up on of the tubs - and there they were. Right on top! Darlene grabbed then and put them on. Bryon laughed and grabbed the camera. Izzy and Foxy were wondering if mommy was turning into a reindeer! We've had fun with them all day long.

I'm a reindeer!

Hey mom. Are those antlers?

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