Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A funny story...

As most of you know - we endeavour on a tour of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana during the Christmas season. Our travels went smoothly. We got to spend wonderful time with family and friends. And we will have another post (with some pictures) about our Christmas travels. But the purpose of this post is to relay a funny story we heard on our last day of traveling...

We woke up Sunday morning in Newburg, went to Church, packed up the dogs and headed to Louisville to have lunch with Elaine and the newly-weds - Heather and Fred - before driving back to Knoxville. We were talking about the wedding and how much fun we had. Heather and Fred were telling us all of the inside stories "the alterations this and that" or "the florist this and that" - everyone who is married has those similar stories.

Except for this one...

Zoey was the little "flower" girl. And if you read the post before this one - then you can see how cute she was tossing "snow flakes" instead of flowers. But we found out this past Sunday that Zoey (who has always thought of Heather as family) has had a hard time accepting Fred. Zoey and her mommy had a little talk about how Heather was family and Heather loves Fred so they should love Fred too. But Zoey wasn't having any of it. The more her mommy tried to convince her that Fred really is a good guy and she should be happy for Heather - the more distraught Zoey became.

Finally Zoey's mom asked her exactly what she didn't like about Fred. Zoey's answer was (in a near-tears little girl voice), "Mommy - he's just a...". But before I finish that sentence, let me tell you a little about the wedding from Zoey's point of view.

It turns out that Zoey was paying attention to the ceremony - the whole "do you Heather..." and "do you Fred..." and "I now pronounce you man and wife". And then Heather and Fred turned toward the congregation and the preacher stood tall and said, "Let me introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nappier!"

But Zoey misheard the preacher on that last part. She thought the preacher said Mr. and Mrs. Napkin! So, the whole big hang-up that Zoey had with Fred was "mommy - he's just a napkin!"

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