Friday, December 19, 2008

A Christmas Wedding

Well - Heather finally went and tied the knot! And she did it they way she wanted. With a wonderful winter wonderland wedding!

Heather and Fred - moments before the "moment of truth"!

Of course, the wedding was in New Albany, Indiana. And of course, there was a fairly significant snowfall between Knoxville and New Albany just a couple of days before. But there was no way we were going to miss it! And as it turns out, luck was on our side and the roads were cleared by the time we hit the road.

You may kiss the bride!

We met up with Elaine and headed over to the church. It was fabulous with lots of poinsettia's and winter scene wall mural. It was like being in a winter wonderland - only with a heater! And Heather's dress was really spectacular with a ton of beaded sequence and (my favorite) a unique red strip down the back! And the cutest part of the whole ceremony was the flower girl - or should I say "snow" girl since she was really tossing snow instead of flower petals!

Boquoet toss! Check out that red strip on the back of Heather's dress!

The reception was great too. I understand that it's the signatures on the paper that make the marriage official. But what about the cake cutting, champagne toasting, garter removing, bouquet tossing, first dance, chicken dance, and all of those other things? Ahhh - that's what makes it a wedding. When you are together with all of your friends and family, laughing and dancing - that's what makes it!

Yummy cake!

So when people ask us - was it really worth it to drive 8 hours for a 4 hour wedding and reception? You bet it was!

"Here's to you!"

The first dance

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