Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two weeks under the belt…

Wow!  Tomorrow is the official “two week” mark.  Two weeks since our little bundle of joy decided to come and visit us!  And people have been asking us a lot of questions about these first two weeks.  Here are some of your answers!

One of the biggest questions we’ve been asked as new parents is “How are you doing on sleep”?  Actually, we are not doing as bad as we thought we would!  The first few days were certainly a whirlwind – especially while we were in the hospital.  I remember looking at the clock and seeing 6:00 and wondering if it was AM or PM.  Our experience at Parkwest Hospital was absolutely top notch.  But if I could offer a suggestion – the digital clock on the wall should have an AM/PM designation!  But since we’ve been home, we’ve taken plenty of naps (we absolutely LIVE by the motto “we sleep when the baby sleeps”) and that has kept us reasonably refreshed.  Even if it is on a somewhat new and foreign schedule…

Another big question is about the c-section.  For anyone who has never had (or witnessed) one – then you are probably under the same misconceptions that we were.  We thought the steps for a c-section were something like this:  1 – start the spinal, 2 – make incision, 3 – lift out baby, 4 – sew everything up.  This was partially correct – but step 3 was WAY off.  There was absolutely NO lifting the baby out.  It was an actual delivery where the baby comes out the incision rather than taking the usual path.  Lot’s of pushing and nurses pressing on the belly.  It was certainly quicker, but every bit as “traumatic” as a “regular” delivery.

Yet another big question is “who do you think he looks like”?  At first we didn’t know how to answer this.  Mike looks like a new baby – small and wrinkly.  But on a whim, we dug out Bryon’s old baby album.  We were STUNNED!  Mike looks EXACTLY like his dad when he was a newborn!  We’ve shown the pictures to everyone who has stopped by the house and everyone agrees.  Some people even mistake the pictures for pictures of Mike.  But I think our next door neighbor (Becky) said it best - “Oh my GOSH!  That’s eerie!  Maybe he’ll grow out of it…”.

And I’m sure there is more to tell, but Mike’s eyes are getting heavy and he’s starting to yawn.  And if he’s getting ready to go to sleep – then we should to!

 DSC_0037 Hello world!  My name is Michael!

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