Friday, December 25, 2009

A first for UT basketball…

Yesterday was a monumental day for UT basketball program.  It might not seem that way on the surface.  It was a non-conference game.  It was against North Carolina A&T.  They dominated the entire game.  They bounced back from a frustrating and disappointing loss on the road.  But none of these things a firsts. 

Tyler Smith probably isn’t aware of it.  Neither is Wayne Chism or Scotty Hopson or any of the rest of the team.  If you were to ask Bruce Pearl, he wouldn’t have any idea either.  Not even the three sisters that sit behind us know (because they missed the game last night).

Indeed – one of the very few places for you to find out what monumental fist was is to read it here!

Last night was Mike’s VERY FIRST UT BASKETBALL GAME!  I would really like to say that he was excited and sat on the edge of his seat the entire time.  The reality is that he slept through the entire game.  But the Vols put on a spectacular show for him anyway.  They jumped out to a 21 – 0 lead at the start of the game and never looked back.  The ended up winning 99 – 78 and played much better defense with 21 steals and forced 34 turnovers.

So, Mike not have realized what was going on.  And the rest of the people in Thompson Boling Arena most certainly didn’t realize that it was a monumental night.  But we did – and that makes it all worth it…

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