Saturday, December 12, 2009

Decorating for Christmas – the update…

Well – we’ve been at it for nearly a week now but we have made some progress!  We have all of the “nick knack” decorations out (and we have a TON of those things).  The mantel and hearth are decorated, wreaths are on doors, the stockings are hung, poinsettias are out, our absolutely fabulous nativity scene is out (handmade by Aunt Suggie!), and so on and so on.


We can check the mantel off the list…


But what about the Christmas trees?  We have made some progress on that front too!  We’ve had two trees up but undecorated for a couple of days – but last night was the night.  After Mikes 1:00am feeding – out came all of the ornaments for the living room tree.  It’s pre-lit (thank goodness) and by 2:15am we were wrapping it up and hitting the sack! 

“2:00am?!?!?” you say?  We say “no problem”!  With Mike (who currently likes to eat at 1), it seems to be the norm to go to bed at 2.  Then we wake up with Mike around 6 for “breakfast” then again around 10 for “second breakfast”.  So it all works out in the end!

So – are we finished?  I’m guessing that we won’t really get finished this Christmas.  We still have another tree in Mikes room with no lights and one lonely ornament on it.  We plan on decorating it tomorrow night – we’ll see how it goes.  But for now, we are enjoying holding Mike up next to the tree in the living room and watching him stare wide-eyed at the pretty lights!

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