Monday, August 24, 2009

Unusual Weather

I’ve lived in Knoxville nearly 13 years.  For the previous 12, if you were to say the word “August”, I would associate it with 95 degree temperatures and 95% humidity which would combine for a heat index of 195 (with evening lows dipping all the way down to 85).  Brown grass.  Sweating just walking to the mailbox at 6am to get the morning paper.  Red ozone alert days with the weatherman telling “healthy” people to not be outside more than an hour and “people with breathing problems” to not go outside at all.  That’s August in Knoxville.

Except for this year!  Blame it on El Nino or El Nina or jet streams or Martians or Saturn’s moons or whatever.  This year has been absolutely wonderful (other than a little wet!).  We’ve only had 11 days above 90 this year (most of them in June) as compared to thirty-some-odd at this time last year, and sixty-some-odd at this time two years ago.  So you can say it’s the jet stream – I think it’s mother nature giving us a break…

So what should you do with this unforeseen gift of nature?  Why you should go outside and enjoy it of course!  And that’s just what we did.  A little backyard campfire.  A couple of cold beers (or lemonade if you happen to be pregnant!).  Sitting around and enjoying the company.  What a night.  We just might do it again tonight – especially since it’s going to be back down to 62 degrees…

backyard campfire

The weather is great – wish you were here!

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