Monday, August 10, 2009

Class Results

Our first day of “baby classes” is officially over.  This first class was on breastfeeding.  Simple – right?  Hold the baby up when it’s hungry and it’ll automatically latch on a feed until its little heart is content – right?

Well, almost.  It turns out that indeed, the baby will figure it out.  It also turns out that there is a “right” way and a “wrong” way.  Or you could rephrase that to there is a way that will be comfortable for everyone, and a way that will leave momma feeling sore and raw.  Obviously, I’m not going to summarize a three hour class – but if someone who is nursing is reading this and it “hurts” then find a lactate consultant to figure out what the deal is! 

Here is the “down and dirty”.  There are a lot of benefits for the baby.  There are a lot of benefits for mom.  Dad can even get involved too (contrary to what we thought before today).  There is a right way and a few wrong ways (and the right way is specific to the individuals involved!).  Not everyone can do it for many various reasons.  You can work and breastfeed.  Powdered formula is not sterile (and is rather frequently recalled).  If you have to pump – not all pumps are created equal.

Will we breastfeed?  We are planning on giving it a whirl.  We’ve got some homework to do from the class – but we have four months to get it done!  It’s just one of the many exciting things we will do between now and “the big day”!

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