Thursday, August 13, 2009

And the baby’s name is…

Deciding on a name for your baby is something that can be a daunting task.  On the surface it seems easy enough.  Just pick out some names that sound good together.  You’ve even got a head start – the last name has been decided for you!

So the discussions start.  Sitting around the living room.  Hearing a name on TV and saying “Hey, that sounds like a good name”.  Or asking some co-workers for some ideas.  Our favorite was “Barack” – not because that is the name of the current president but because of how it sounds combined with the last name.  Try it for yourself and say Barack Lee.  Does it remind you of a green vegetable?

So we quickly learned that we need to be careful with the name.  And we decided that we wanted to include a family name.  After all, the baby will be carrying on our family tree.  We agreed that if the baby was a girl then the family name would come from mom’s side and if the baby was a boy then it would come from dad’s side.

As most of you know, we recently found out that we are having a boy!  But we had names picked out for both.  For the girl, the name was going to be “Madison Penelope”.  We both agreed that Madison was a pretty name.  Penelope was Darlene’s mom’s middle name and fit well with Madison.  So Madison Penelope Lee.  A pretty name – it’s almost too bad we can’t use it!  Maybe will try again after our boy is born…

For the boy’s name, we agreed on Michael.  We both liked the name, and the more we talked about it the more we realized a personal connection to it.  There is a Priest, “Father Michael”, who has helped us through some difficult times.  He helped Darlene while she was going through RCIA and he was the one who baptized Darlene.  He has truly been instrumental in our lives.   So Michael it is.  And the middle name?  We decided on the name of Bryon’s grandfather, Robert. 

So the official name will be Michael Robert Lee!  His initials will be MR Lee (as in “mister Lee”).  And if he turns out to be a little redneck, we can call him “Mikie Bobby”!!!

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