Friday, June 26, 2009

Storm Damage

It’s been a rough June in Knoxville with the weather.  On the 18th – a particularly strong storm clobbered west Knoxville.  I really wish I had the camera with me – or that I had gone back out later to take some pictures.  Some of them were pretty incredible!

A lot of it was due to all of the prior rain we’ve had.  There were a lot of 100 year old trees that were uprooted simply because the ground was so soft.  There were scenes of destruction everywhere – a 80 foot oak tree that had taken out the entire corner of a house – or the super-sized tree that fell right down the middle of a Pontiac.

Actually, the Pontiac makes a good story.  It was parked at a hair salon not far from the house.  Imagine walking in to get your hair done and a bad storm rolls through.  You huddle under the hair dryer (not as good as a helmet – but in a  pinch, it’ll do).  Fifteen minutes later, the sun is out.  You finish your perm and walk outside to see that your car is now only two feet tall.

We escaped with much less damage.  The wind snapped one of the maple trees in our backyard. It wasn’t exactly a small tree (about 10 inches across at the stump) but it was snapped in half about 8 feet up the trunk.  At least it fell away from the house!


DSC_0246 The debris field



Some more firewood!

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