Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sad News…

It’s never fun announcing sad news.  And this is certainly no exception.

Bryon’s step mom passed away on Friday June 12th.  And it really is a strange feeling.  Everyone knows that their days on this planet are numbered.  But when the end comes so unexpectedly, it makes it all that much more difficult.

And we’ve now had several days to grieve and reflect.  Sure – we are sad.  And sure – Debbie will be missed.  And if we all wanted to be selfish, we would do whatever we could to have her back with us.

But in the end – we are happy too.  She no longer has asthma.  She no longer has diabetes.  Her back pain is gone.  Her legs are healed and she’s walking around without pain.  No more trips to the hospital with pneumonia.  No more COPD.  She gets to visit with her mom.  She gets to visit with her dad.  She gets to visit with her brother. 

So – we will go on being sad.  But at the same time, we are happy that there is one more person in Heaven who is looking out for us.

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