Thursday, June 4, 2009

The quadruplets!

As you can imagine – most of our conversations these days are about babies.  And when we talk to our friends and families – we get all of the usual questions.  “When’s your due date?” or “How have you been feeling?” or “What about toothpaste?”

And if the conversation lasts longer than a question or two – it almost always turns to “Hey – what about those friends of your with the quads?”

Well – here’s the answer.  They are all doing great!  And they are all so darn cute that you wouldn’t believe it!  And they turn 3 later this month!  And sure – I’ve got a story or two (especially since they just got back from a week at the beach!) – but their mom and dad have MANY more stories than I will EVER have!

And if you want to keep tabs – you can cut out the middle-man (me!) and go directly to the source at  Be sure to put it in your favorites!  The “terrible three’s” should be interesting…

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Quad Squad! said...

Awww, thank for mentioning us! All are welcome at our blog! Come back often!