Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tennessee finally catches up...

We realize that a lot of our friends and ALL of our family live somewhere other than Knoxville. And because of that, you are probably not aware of the daily weather that happens in Knoxville (unless you've talked to me recently!)

So here's the update.

It has been raining. Not just today. Or yesterday. But for 4 months.

Sure - we've had some nice days this year (especially if we exclude the temperature - I could write an entire post just on how crazy the temperature has been...). We've even had a couple of days where the sun was out all day. But the rain days have outnumbered the non-rain days by 2 to 1.

This isn't all bad. The entire southeast made national news last year for record breaking drought. Georgia tried to pass a law saying that they owned the Tennessee river due to a survey error (the survey took place around the same time as the civil war). Of course, that would mean they would have to change all of the signs to "Chattanooga Georgia"...

So I'm not complaining about the rainfall (the new grass in the backyard looks terrific - all with no sprinklers!). And I hope it continues throughout the summer (we have a history of absolutely NO rain in August!) But I do have some concerns about the rain gauge at the National Weather Service.

All of you that have been to my house know that we live on top of a hill (remember trying to get out of your car while it's parked on the driveway?). So you should all know that when we have standing water in our yard, we should be working on plans for an arc. We should be several inches above normal in total precipitation - right?

Not according to the NWS. We are three one hundredths of an inch above normal.

So, all of you who may have contacts within the National Weather Service (particularly the center in Morristown or the observation station at McGhee Tyson Airport) - please call them (or email or communicate in whatever your favorite way may be). Just let them know that they need to remove the lid from the rain gauge.

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