Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The "Beg-O-Gram" has been sent

In the last day or so - some of you may have received an email from us! The subject was "The Knoxville Tour de Cure" and it is certainly not spam mail! If you did receive it, take a few minutes and read through it. Then go to and make a donation. It will go a long way towards saving a life.

And if you didn't get the email - we appologize! We tried to put in as many email addresses as we could remember - but you know about memory and age...

But have no fear - you can find all of the information from the email by clicking on the link on the right hand side of this page under the "Tour de Cure" heading.

And we also realize that economic times aren't as good as they were. But no donation is too small. If it's a dollar - it will help! Many of the folks at the office are making donations $0.50 cents at a time and we are thankful for every penny! And if the current economy has been good to you (or if you've figured out how to be on the good side of a government bailout) - feel free to donate more.

Thank you to everyone who donates. And an "extra special" thank you to those who have diabetes and donate. YOU are the reason we ride!

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