Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring has sprung?

I'm not sure about groundhogs. And I know it's been more than 6 weeks since groundhogs day anyway.

And I'm also not sure who decides when the seasons come and go. But it's obviously the wrong people and mother nature was never consulted.

Our daffodils have bloomed. All of our trees have buds. The red buds are out. The dogwoods are blooming. Two days ago it was 80 degrees and everyone was outside enjoying the weather.

Today, we wake up to this...

Not quite a winter wonderland. Really, it's not much more than a dusting. But it's 5 days until Easter!

At any rate - I've got to run. Better give myself "a few extra minutes" and "keep a safe distance" and all of the other winter driving tid-bits the weathermen always seem to give. Besides - it's going to take me a few minutes to dig my winter coat back out...

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